Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Plans

Mutual of Omaha offers Medicare supplemental plans across every state in the nation.  Established in 1909, the company has one of the best reputations of any insurance company in the industry.  If you are already familiar with Medicare supplemental plans, you can get a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement quote by filling out the form on the right, or get your Medicare supplemental insurance quotes here.

Available Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Plans

Mutual of Omaha has served the Medicare supplement market for over 40 years.  This makes them one of the most popular and experienced in the Medicare supplement market.  They currently offer all ten Medicare supplemental plans.  With any Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement, the plan fills all or some of the gaps left by Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B.  Each plan will cover a different number of the gaps.  Typically, the more coverage you are getting, the more expensive the policy.  This is not always true.  For example, sometimes Plan G, which does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible, might be less expensive than Plan F, which does.  You can learn more about the different Medicare supplemental plans here, but the only way to know  the right plan for you is to get a set of custom quotes.

Mutual of Omaha Company Ratings

All insurance companies receive ratings for the financial health of their company.  This allows consumers to know that the company will pay out if insurance is needed.  A.M. Best is the name of the company that handles these ratings.  Each company has a letter grade rating similar to a report card.  Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplemental plans have an A.M. Best rating of A+, which is the highest rating available.  As you can imagine, this makes their products well-liked because people are sure that they are with a great company.  An A+ rating and great customer service is why they have a large base of customers in the market.

You should still look at other companies that do not get quite as good of a rating. All of the top Medicare supplemental companies provide excellent benefits and service. Additionally, with a Medicare supplement, if a company were to go out of business, you get an additional open enrollment period to get another plan.  This means you get no underwriting and are automatically accepted by the new company.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement, but it is not for everybody. You might be able to find a better deal with another company.  Find info on some of the other Medicare supplemental insurance companies here.

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