Medicare Supplement Plan J

Medicare supplement Plan J retired in 2010. Plan F is the closest alternative to Plan J if you are new to Medicare supplements or you are looking to switch. Learn more about the available Medicare supplement plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan J Coverage

Medicare supplement Plan J was a very popular plan. At it’s prime, it was the most comprehensive of all the Medicare supplements. So why did Plan J go away? A simple change of policy.  If you look at the current Medicare supplement Plan F, it covers all of the nine major gaps in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  What Plan J added was coverage for preventative care and at home recovery. These two benefits were eliminated from all the plans by the Centers for Medicare and Social Security (CMS) on June 1, 2010 due to lack of use.

Once this happened, Plan J became the same as Medicare supplement Plan F and thus was just redundant. This prompted the decision to retire the plan. There are some instance where in Medicare advantage Plan J coverage can be obtained, but that is making the decision to go completely with private insurance and to no longer use traditional Medicare benefits.

What if I Already Have Medicare Supplement Plan J?

When working with seniors who already have a Plan J, this is a common question. If you already have Medicare supplement Plan J, then you can keep it.  However, if you ever switch to another plan, you will have no opportunity to get it back.

If you have any questions about Medicare supplement plan J or an of the other plans please feel free to contact us.  It is our pleasure to serve you in any way that we can.

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