Medicare and Hearing Aids Coverage

Medicare and Hearing Aids

Medicare covers many aspects of healthcare, but there are parts that it does not cover. Hearing Aids and hearing services are among the parts that Original Medicare does not provide any coverage. In addition, Medicare supplement plans do not cover hearing services. While these programs do not cover hearing aids, there are ways for seniors to get the coverage they need. 

Hearing Aids and Medicare

Original Medicare Part A and Part B cover most medical needs. Medicare Part A will provide coverage for your inpatient hospital expenses and Medicare Part B will provide coverage for your outpatient expenses.

Usually, Part B will also cover most preventative services. These preventative services include diagnostic hearing tests to test hearing loss due to an illness or injury. While it does cover these tests, Part B will not cover routine services (hearing exams), hearing aids, or hearing aid fittings.

Most seniors need the additional coverage to have their hearing services covered. The costs of hearing aids can cost up to the thousands of dollars, and without the proper coverage, the typical senior might have to pay this out-of-pocket. In addition to the costs of the hearing exam that Part B does not cover, this could become extremely pricey. Seniors need to get affordable care. To do this, Medicare and other insurance programs offer other ways to get seniors hearing coverage.

 Hearing Aids and Medicare Advantage

 A Medicare Advantage plan may cover some hearing services. These services might include routine exams or other basic services. By law, the CMS requires Medicare Advantage to offer the same benefits as Original Medicare, Parts A and B. This means that beneficiaries will get their necessary inpatient and outpatient medical coverage. Any of these additional benefits are exclusive to Medicare Advantage plans.

Some Medicare Advantage plans do not cover hearing services, so you will have to make sure to discuss finding a plan that includes hearing services with your agent. With a Medicare Advantage plan, you will have to pay a monthly premium in addition to your Part B premium. Unfortunately, with Medicare Advantage, beneficiaries receive some downfalls such as limited doctor choices. These plans often require you to see a doctor that lies in the plan’s network. Your doctor of choice might not be one of those doctors.

At times, some Medicare Advantage plans might have limits on how much it will pay for hearing care each year. For example, if you exceed the plan’s yearly limit, you might have to pay the remaining costs out-of-pocket. In most cases, this is a cost that can become overbearing.

Most seniors find the right package for them lies in Original Medicare, a Medicare supplement plan, and an additional Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan. 

Hearing Aids with Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plans

After you enroll in Medicare and the right Medicare supplement plan for your needs, you may want to add a Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan to get complete coverage. These plans can help you get coverage for hearing benefits that you may need, such as hearing aids.

One of the great parts about Dental, Vision, and Hearing plans, is the fact that seniors don’t need to undergo any medical underwriting. All seniors have guaranteed issue rights, meaning you don’t have to worry about not getting approved for any certain plans.

Not only will you get hearing coverage, but you will also get vision and dental benefits. With a Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan, you get a free 30-day look period, where you can review your coverage. If you want to disenroll in the plan after the end of the 30 days, you can do so without penalty and a free refund for your premium.

Buy a Plan for Hearing Aids

 We can help you plan for the next step. If you are ready to buy a plan that could help you get the hearing aids you need, you may want to enroll in a Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan. To get one of these plans, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable agents at (800) 310-2550. If you still need a Medicare supplement plan to complete your Medicare coverage, you can get your free Medicare supplement quote online.

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