Medical Alert Systems and Medicare

Medical Alert Systems and Medicare

Independence is important, especially as a senior. A medical alert system can help you get you the independence that you need. You may have seen many commercials promoting medical alert systems, but you might not know if they’re right for you. Seniors all across the nation are using medical alert systems to keep them safe in the event of a fall or emergency. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover medical alert devices, but there are many other ways you can get a covered device.

Medical Alert Systems

Some seniors decide to live alone. Living alone gives a sense of independence to the individual, but it also poses some potential risks. If for any reason, there is an unexpected fall, you or your loved ones might be concerned about the possibilities of what could happen if you were not able to get up and call for help. Medical alert systems can help with this. These necklace pendants or bracelets have a large button on them that you would press in the event of a fall. Once you press the button, it uses your telephone to call emergency services.

Some medical alert systems can automatically detect a fall. These devices could be helpful if you become unconscious after a fall and cannot press the button on the pendant or bracelet yourself.

Is a Medical Alert System Needed?

There are many reasons you might decide to get a medical alert system. If you want an extra sense of protection in the event of an emergency, you might choose to get a device. Falls can happen for many reasons besides slipping. These reasons include, but aren’t limited to, physical weakness, medications, poor vision, and other health problems.

The number one reason to get a medical alert system is the act of living alone. If you happen to suffer a fall where you cannot get yourself up, a medical alert device will help you get the aid you need quickly. Without these devices, you might not get the help when you need it.

Even if you do not live alone, it still might be a good idea to get a device. A fall could occur when your spouse or other family members are not home. A medical alert system can ensure that you get help quickly and that you don’t have to wait for them to get back before getting treated.

Medicare Coverage of Medical Alert Systems

Medicare Part B typically covers durable medical equipment; however, Medicare will not cover medical alert systems. While this may be disappointing, there are other ways that you can get coverage for these essential devices.

With a Medicare Advantage plan, you get all of the Original Medicare benefits through private insurance plans. One of these plans might completely cover medical alert systems if you need it for your health. One of the previously mentioned conditions must be present, such as poor vision or physical weakness.

We recommend getting a Medicare supplement plan. There are some instances where you can get a discount on medical alert devices through these plans. Medicare supplement plans allow you to get additional benefits besides this discount. With all the benefits you could get with a Medicare supplement plan, you would receive full coverage and treatment for all of your medical conditions. To find out if you get a discount on medical alert systems with your Medigap plan, call your plan and ask.

We Can Help

Are you considering getting a Medicare supplement plan to get a discount on your medical alert system? We can help you. We’ll find the available plans in your area that include this discount as an added benefit. To help even more, we’ll walk you through all the benefits of Medicare Parts A and B. We can help you find the best way to live independently and take advantage of all your benefits.

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