Kaiser Medicare Supplemental Plan

Instead of a standard Medicare supplemental plan, Kaiser offers the Kaiser Senior Advantage plan. This replaces the need for an additional Medicare supplemental plan while still offering the coverage that you need.

Kaiser Medicare Supplemental Plan

Due to government regulation, all Medicare supplemental plans must offer the same coverage. Whatever company you choose, they will provide identical coverage. You can learn more about the different Medicare supplemental insurance companies here. These plans work with traditional Medicare and Medicare Part D to provide comprehensive coverage. You can use these three different types of insurance to provide complete coverage. Most people who get a Medicare supplement choose Plan F. Plan F is the most comprehensive of the different plans. Plan G or N are also popular, and are the two closest to Plan F on how comprehensive they are.

Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan

Instead of a Kaiser Medicare supplemental plan, Kaiser offers a Senior Advantage plan. The Senior Advantage plan replaces traditional Medicare coverage with a private insurance plan. The federal government subsidizes these plans. They are also known as Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage plans. These are great plans for some people. They resemble what you might get through a private employer’s group coverage. So, if you are comfortable with an HMO or PPO, then you might like a Medicare Advantage style plan. The only way to know which plan works for you is to get a set of quotes.

Quotes for Medicare Supplemental and Senior Advantage Plans

While you cannot get a quote for a Kaiser Medicare supplemental plan, you can get a quote from all other companies that provide service to your area. You can also get quotes for the Kaiser Senior Advantage plan by filling out the form on the side of this page. With any type of Medicare plan, we dedicate ourselves to helping you decide what the right plan is for you. If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you, please feel free to contact us.

*At the moment, we do not offer Kaiser Medicare supplement plans, but we do offer plans from 30+ other providers such as AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and more. Get your free quote online.

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