Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies

Medicare supplemental insurance companies vary greatly. The size of the company itself, states that each company is willing to provide service, and plans they are willing to offer can all differ. If you are not aware of the differences in the ten available plans, you can learn more about Medicare Supplemental plans here.  Knowledge about the different companies helps you better understand your options when you get a quote.  If you would like to skip information about the companies and get a quote, you can fill out the form on the right of this page or go to our Medicare supplemental insurance quotes page here.

National Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies

The biggest Medicare supplemental insurance companies are listed below. These companies are some of the longest-standing companies.

AARP– AARP is the largest and most recognized company for senior insurance.  They are in every state and at the top of all the Medicare supplemental insurance companies.  Find out more about an AARP Medicare supplement here.

Mutual of Omaha– Second to AARP, Mutual of Omaha is one of the most respected insurance companies in the U.S. They have made a big push to be a major competitor in the Medicare supplement market.  Get more information on a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement here.

Humana– By forming a relationship with Wal-Mart for Medicare Part D, Humana has catapulted itself into a bigger part of the Medigap market.  Learn more about a Humana Medicare supplement here.

Gerber– Gerber made a huge splash when they entered the Medicare supplement market. They moved quickly from the “new guy” to a major competitor.  Get more information on a Gerber Medicare supplement here.

Regional Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies

Most of these Medicare Supplemental insurance companies are newer to the market. They are, however,  good companies that provide good service for Medicare recipients.

Forethought– Forethought is fairly new to the Medicare supplement market, but they have had very competitive rates in the states where they provide insurance.   Check out more information on a Forethought Medicare supplement here.

New Era– New Era is one of the most recent entrants into the Medicare supplement market.   Learn more about a New Era Medicare supplement here.

Anthem– Anthem is a strong choice if you live in their region.  Get more information about an Anthem Medicare supplement here.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)– You may think of BCBS as a national name, but each state has a different division or company.  So really, it is a conglomerate of separate insurance companies.  Find out more about a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement here.

Kaiser Permanente– Kaiser is a regional company who provides some nice plans for Seniors.  Learn more about a Kaiser Medicare supplement here.

Bankers Life– Bankers Life has been around for more than 130 years and specializes in the retirement market. To get more information on Bankers Life Medicare supplement click here.

No matter which Medicare supplemental insurance companies you choose, they are required to offer the exact same coverage for each of the plans.  In essence, you are really only judging on price and service.  We will continue to update this page with new Medicare supplemental insurance companies as they become more popular.  If you are looking for an option other than a Medicare supplement, you can get information on Medicare Advantage here.

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