Gerber Medicare Supplement Plans

A Gerber Medicare Supplement may be just what you need when it comes to completing your Medicare health insurance coverage.  If you are already familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of Gerber Medicare Supplement plans and are here to get rates or quotes you can fill out the from on the side of this page or get your Medicare supplement quotes HERE.

Advantages to Gerber Medicare Supplement Plans

One of the nice features of Medicare supplements is that you get the same coverage no matter which company you go with.  So if you are looking at plan f with one company and then go look at the price of plan f with another company you know you are comparing apples to apples.  With that in mind you are really comparing two things; price and company reputation.  Gerber has proven to be competitive on price in a variety of states and with their name you know they are a company you can trust.  The best indicator of reliability for any of the companies that provide Medicare supplements is the AM Best rating.  This is a rating system for all insurance companies that gives each company a letter grade rating for the financial health of the company.  Gerber gets an AM Best rating of A.  It is the second highest rating you can get.

Another big advantage to Gerber Medicare supplement plans is that they work directly with Medicare.  So instead of having to work with an insurance company a Medicare supplement works wherever Medicare is accepted.  Each of the ten plans is a little bit different.  Learn more about each of the Medicare supplement plans HERE.

Disadvantages of a Gerber Medicare Supplement

More of a hassle than a disadvantage is the way that premiums are paid for Medigap plans.  Where a Medicare Advantage plan has one premium, a person on traditional Medicare with a Gerber Medicare supplement will have multiple premiums.  You will pay a Medicare Part B premium, a Medicare supplement premium, and if you have a prescription drug plan a Medicare Part D premium.  All three of these together create the most comprehensive coverage you can acquire but for some people the hassle of paying three different premiums outweighs the benefit of comprehensive coverage.

Gerber Medicare Supplement Rates

With all Medicare supplement plans the monthly premium is determined by the age of the person applying as well as underwriting to determine the health of the person.  Medicare supplements have a nice feature in which if you are just going on Medicare Part B you have an open enrollment period where there is no underwriting.  You have six months once you go on Medicare Part B to take advantage of the open enrollment period. The only way to know what the cost will be to you is to get a set of quotes.  We will provide you with a set of quotes for the plans you want that is free and with no hassles.  Just use the form on the side of this page to get started with a set of customized quotes.

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