Forethought Medicare Supplement Plans

The Forethought Medicare supplement plans are a relatively new set of plans when compared to an AARP Medicare supplement or the Gerber Medicare supplement that have each been in the market for more than 10 years.  Do not let the age of the company fool you; Forethought medigap plans have been very competitive in giving great rates to seniors.

Forethought Medicare Supplement Rates

You will find that any insurance company when they first come on the market will make lower rates available in order to grab as much market share as possible.  This is exactly what has happened with the Forethought Medicare supplement plans.  The rates are determined by age, health, and location.  If you are just about to turn 65 or are just going to start using Medicare Part B then you get six months to enroll in a Medicare supplement with no regard to your health.  So if you have a chronic illness or bad habit like smoking this is the one chance you will have to get a very low rate by not going through underwriting.  The only way to know exactly what the cost to you will be is to get a set of custom quotes.  You can do that for free by filling out the form on the side or bottom of this page or going to get Medicare supplement quotes HERE.

Forethought Medicare Supplement Coverage

The coverage for any of the Forethought Medicare supplement plans is determined by the federal order of the different plans.  There are ten different plans available with different letters to indicate which plan you are getting.  The coverage varies greatly between the different plans from covering all the gaps in Medicare to covering just a few of those gaps.  Each plan has its merits based off of what you need as an individual and what fits into your budget.  You can learn more about the different Medicare supplement plans HERE.  Remember that no matter which medigap plan you choose the coverage will be the same across all the different companies.  To learn more about the different Medicare supplement companies click HERE.

One great thing about the coverage you get with a Forethought medigap plan is how it works with your Medicare insurance.  Instead of worrying about whether a doctor or hospital is willing to accept a Forethought Medicare supplement plans you can rest easy that they will be accepted anywhere that accepts Medicare.  This is not the case with a Medicare advantage plan which works directly with a single private insurer to provide all your Medicare coverage, basically replacing your standard Medicare coverage with a private plan.  Knowing that you will be accepted is one of the many reasons people choose to go with a Forethought Medicare supplement instead of a Medicare Advantage plan, but if you are interested you can learn more about Medicare Advantage HERE.

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