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Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans

An Anthem Medicare advantage plan (also called Anthem MA) can be a great option to give you an affordable and more comprehensive alternative to traditional Medicare.  If you came here looking to get quotes just fill out the form on this page and we will get a set of quotes to you based off of your details.  This article will discuss Anthem specifically but if you would like a broader description of Medicare advantage plans click here.

Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans vs Traditional Medicare

Anthem is a private insurance company that began offering the Anthem Medicare Advantage option when the federal government first let private companies cover seniors instead of using traditional Medicare.  The biggest difference is the nature of each program.

Medicare is designed to help cover seniors and is setup in four different parts.  Most seniors do not have to pay for Medicare Part A which covers hospital insurance.  They will pay a monthly premium of just under $100 for Medicare Part B which covers outpatient services like a doctor’s visit.  Medicare Part D covers prescription drug expenses and also comes with a monthly premium (usually less than $50).  Finally most seniors on Medicare choose to get a Medicare supplement.   These supplements also have a monthly premium and are used to fill the coverage gaps that are left by Medicare Part A and Part B.  The Anthem Medicare Advantage plans take a very different approach.

Instead of having all those different pieces Anthem MA has single plans with only one premium.  Basically you are combining all the pieces into one plan.  The price of each plan is determined by how much coverage you receive.  All the plans are required to cover at least what Medicare Part A and Part B cover but most of them cover much more.  The big advantage with Anthem Medicare Advantage is that the premiums use the money from you Medicare to subsidize your coverage.  So you could even end up with a plan that does not cost you anything.

The only disadvantage to Anthem Medicare Advantage plans is that they are not available everywhere.  Medicare is available anywhere in the United States and some of the supplements will even help cover you while traveling abroad.

Anthem Medicare Advantage Rates

Getting a rate for an individual plan is easy but providing you with a rate for a specific individual, without taking their details, would be irresponsible.  Rates vary based off of Age, location, and gender.  If you are interested in getting a set please fill out the form on the side or bottom of this page.

At Medicare SuppplementalInsuranceQuotes.com we are dedicated to helping you find the right plan for you.  So whether it is an Anthem Medicare Advantage plan or traditional Medicare with a Medicare supplement we will help you get the best plan for your needs.

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