AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

With one of the most trusted names in senior insurance, an AARP Medicare supplement is a good choice when it comes to finding a reliable company to complete your Medicare coverage.  AARP started helping seniors in 1958 and was started by Ethel Percy Andrus an educator from California.  The company is headquartered in Washington, DC and now has over 40 million with an AARP membership.

In most states there are ten different AARP Medicare supplement plans.  These plans are each given a letter and cover differing numbers of the gaps left by Medicare Part A and Part B health insurance.  Since Medicare supplements are highly regulated by what can be offered you will get the same exact coverage no matter which company you go with.  You can find out more about the different Medicare supplement plans HERE.

AARP Medicare Supplement Rates

AARP Medicare supplement rates are determined by a bunch of different factors.  Of course the plans that offer the most coverage will be more expensive, but other factors include what part of the country you live in, as well as, the age and health of the person being covered.  Now if you are about to turn 65 or have just gone on Medicare then you have a special period called the open enrollment period.  The open enrollment period lasts six months after you turn sixty five and start using Medicare Part B.  During this time if you were to sign up for any of the medigap plans you will not have to go through underwriting.  The only real way to know what the rates will be for you as an individual is to get a set of custom quotes.  You can do that by filling out the form on the side of this page or on our page for Medicare supplement quotes HERE.  Not only can you get a quote for an AARP medigap plan but you can compare those rates to other Medicare supplement companies that offer plans in your area.

With any of the Medicare supplement companies you will get the same coverage with whatever lettered plan that you choose.  The advantage to an AARP Medicare supplement is that you know you are working with a quality company and many times they are also the least expensive of the companies available in your area.

If you are looking for other companies that provide medigap plans we recommend Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplements.  They have been around almost as long as AARP and have a stellar reputation.  Of all the Medicare supplement companies out there AARP and Mutual of Omaha are by far the largest.  We also have information on some of the other Medicare supplement insurance companies HERE.

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